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Living with an outlook of gladness is the heartbeat of Gladiola. We nurture gladness here because it makes each day divine in its own special way. When you visit, anticipate an experience seasoned with gladness.

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We believe that each accessory, piece of apparel, or furniture & home style that resounds with you does so because it mirrors your own magnificence. Our desire is to help you select these pieces and live in that beauty: your dynamic beauty.

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Our evaluation of quality is multidimensional. When selecting brands, we look for quality-made products, crafted under high quality conditions that enrich the quality of life for women around the world.


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Renee, Lynchburg Manager / Owner

Where there is a reason to Be Glad, Renee will find it, live it, and spread it to those around her. For the last five years, she has cultivated an atmosphere of intentional, conscious living through her leadership as the owner of Gladiola Girls.

The essence of her vision at Gladiola Girls is to help women value and appreciate their own unique beauty, and to live in a place of gladness.

She cares about empowering women, from her daughters and granddaughter, her team of “Glads,” and friends in her community to under privileged women around the world. Renee collaborated with a local tea company to create the Glad Tea project, a custom blend that we carry, to build a home for the family of Heidy, a little girl she met while in Guatemala.

Many of the unique themes and styles throughout our stores are inspired by Renee’s love for breezy whites, hammered copper, and our specialty items, engraved “Be Glad.”

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Lauren, Lexington Manager 

It is not everyday that you meet someone as excited about customer service as Lauren, our Lexington store manager.  

Her passion is evident when she explains the thrill behind her work, the feeling of helping someone find a special piece that they absolutely love.

Lauren makes it her personal mission to ensure that each of our Lexington guests leave feeling better than when they walked in. For her, it is about the little moments when women discover new reasons to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

This, to Lauren, is what makes Gladiola Girls feel like a little family.

Lauren describes her personal style as simple and minimalistic. Pieces that I can dress up or wear on their own—you don’t have to sacrifice good style for comfort and quality—especially below-the-hip tunic tops with flattering hems and lots of room for movement.