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The Glad Life(style): (n.)

A way of intentional living. A celebration of individual style, respect toward the world, and appreciation for quality & timeless character. Choose thoughtfully. Live divinely.

Guest Blogger: Stella Pyles

There is nothing I love more than waking up on a Saturday morning and heading down to my favorite local shops. One gem in particular that I have become totally obsessed with over the past few months is a local boutique in Lynchburg called Gladiola Girls. Known for repping the "Glad Lifestyle," this hidden treasure in my hometown has become the hot spot for the most amazing finds. 

Whether it be carefully and brilliantly curated vintage pieces, or the latest and greatest denim, I find something new that I love every time I step into this store.

Whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed, chock full of posts from my favorite bloggers, I spotted a trend that I'm slightly in love with, and by slightly, I mean head over (kitten) heels. The 2000's dress-over-jeans phenomenon is back with a vengeance, everyone. My favorite blogger, Leandra Medine Cohen, the genius behind blog "Man Repeller", has been rocking this look like a queen, and I couldn't help myself from taking a shot at it. 

Guest Blogger: Kayle Mae

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