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Guest Blogger: Stellings Lee


As much as I love shopping online nothing really compares to the feeling of going into a boutique, shopping around, and leaving with the perfect outfit right then and there. Gladiola Girls is my absolute favorite place to shop in Lexington, VA and honestly just one of the nicest boutiques I've shopped at in general. Everything about the store just makes my day better from the wonderful people to the unique products and clothes they carry. I’ve gotten everything from scented candles to highlighters to shoes and each time I walk in there are new things covering the shelves.

I've posted about them here before but today I'm so incredibly excited to partner with them for this post! They were kind enough to let me pick out this outfit to feature on both my blog and theirs! I'm honestly in love with this slouchy-chic look so let’s talk about it…

32679817_443811379404848_5996274773330493440_n (1).png

The first thing that instantly caught my eye was the jeans. I’ve been hunting for a good new pair of white jeans and I have really fallen in love with these by Just Black Denim. White jeans are such an essential in my closet because they’re just as comfortable but they certainly look nicer than regular blue jeans do and are a great way to effortlessly dress up a casual outfit while still feeling comfortable. These jeans have an incredibly comfortable fit and the frayed cuffs give them just enough of a distressed look without overdoing it so they really play with the line between casual and dressy.


The top was actually a last minute grab off the rack that turned out PERFECTLY. Initially I was just drawn to it because of the color (it’s blush – surprise!) but despite the slouchy fit it is actually a very nice cut and material and could be very versatile. It’s the kind of top that can be dressed up or down so it pairs perfectly with the frayed white jeans. I really liked tucking it into the front and leaving it looser in the back for a more casual look, but it would look great completely tucked in as well with a flashy belt. I think these shoes are really cute! The metallic champagne is a perfect example of a neutral that pairs with a lot of different looks but also adds a touch of sparkle. Not to mention the low heel makes them super comfortable!


The freshwater pearl necklace is just such a classic look that I had to add it to the outfit. It’s the perfect finishing touch to round out this outfit. The loose double strand goes really well with the shirt’s loose, boxy fit and helps to play with that balance between casual and dressy. So if anyone of you are in Lexington and looking for the coolest place to shop you definitely need to swing by this gem of a boutique!!!


Guest Blogger: Jennifer Prince

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