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The Glad Life(style): (n.)

β€œA way of intentional living. A celebration of individual style, respect toward the world, and appreciation for quality & timeless character. Choose thoughtfully. Live divinely.

Guest Blogger: Gillian Gondi

Expressing Your Style


I'd like to think my style is very simple. I'm all about the comfy clothes. Usually the first thing I go for in my closet is a flowy white top, paired with denim shorts or jeans; it’s a casual look that I feel good in.

I think expressing yourself through your style is something that all people should take pride in. Every time I walk into Gladiola Girls I always find a pair of washed jeans, a simple necklace, or a pair of wedges that fits in nicely with my style.


For this look in particular I decided to pair a colorful, loose fitted free people top with distressed, straight line Free People jeans and bright mustard seed wedges worked for a flattering and confident look.

 The shirt could easily be worn on a summer night with jean shorts, and sandals to dress it down. I would wear the free people jeans with anything! I love the looseness and straight look they have to them, making it easy to wear with a tight fitted shirt or fluffy sweater.


With the exception of the shoes, my outfit was completely Free People. The Gladiola is one place I can always count on to have stocked up new apparel in this particular brand.


Gladiola Girls isn't just specifically for one age. I have two sisters, one is in high school, and the other in college. All three of us love going shopping here. My mom also said her favorite store in Lynchburg is Gladiola Girls, she always comes with us! It's a great mother-daughter place with a friendly environment and workers who always help to match outfits, or something specific you are looking for.

This store has all the must-needs when going out to a fancy dinner, casual clothes for hanging out with friends, and a variety of shoes for any occasion. It is the perfect place to find items that will let you express yourself, no matter what your style is.


Guest Blogger: Jennifer Prince

Guest Blogger: Emily Strong