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The Glad Life(style): (n.)

A way of intentional living. A celebration of individual style, respect toward the world, and appreciation for quality & timeless character. Choose thoughtfully. Live divinely.

Guest Blogger: Elspeth Suber

When getting dressed one should always choose her attire to please herself. But we must realize that our subconscious minds are always at work, telling us to dress in a way that makes us look attractive. There's nothing wrong with this.

This beautiful dress is by the brand ABS.

This beautiful dress is by the brand ABS.

But this dress isn't sexy. It is beautiful. And it is beautiful because it is modest. Its high neckline, loose shape, and long flowy skirt hide the female figure. The white lace details and the soft sheer fabric remind us of a conventional attractive quality of femininity, modesty.


Modesty is attractive because it leaves more to the imagination. Dressing modestly shows that a woman wishes to be judged for her personality and intellect before her curves.

I was drawn to this dress because wearing it made me feel beautiful. Because it drapes over my figure, it forces those who interact with me to focus on the thoughts i articulate, rather than on objectifying my body. I feel beautiful because beauty is about more than looks; it's about what's inside a person that drives her thoughts , behaviors, and actions.

Guest Blogger: Emily Strong

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Prince