Guest Blogger: Elspeth Suber



What are you going to be wearing in 2084?

What am I going to be wearing in 2023?

Let's speculate. Let's use the fact that I'm currently wearing a 70's sheer psychedelic printed top with a pair of Nike running shorts as our base for contriving funky futuristic outfits composed of pieces we would think would never go together (but do, in fact). Coming up with far out, unanticipated combinations is what keeps fashion fresh. This is what FASHION FROM THE FUTURE is all about.

Screenshot (29).png

Two years ago, if you were to tell me that last winter I would've worn my soccer sweatpants from sixth grade with red Zara ankle booties, i would've laughed at you. (that outfit did in fact happen; if you don't believe me, click here.) And certainly if you were to tell me that I was going to wear my aquamarine running shorts out and about with a funky top, I'd've called you a liar....

Well, here we are....

Screenshot (32).png
Screenshot (27).png
Screenshot (30).png

In my opinion, fashion from the future cannot be complete without borrowing from the past. Using this epic retro 70s top as a base is great for any ensemble, and it becomes ~futuristic~ when you pair it with other clothing/accessories that no one else would think to pair it with.

Screenshot (31).png
Screenshot (33).png

Fashion shouldn't be about always running out to buy new stuff all of the time. Instead, it should be about using your creativity to use the clothing you already have in your closet to create fresh pairings and ensembles that make you feel confident and special.

And scoring yourself some classic vintage  or statement pieces that you can style in a multitude of fresh, unexpected ways is what everyone's goal should be. And who knows? Maybe you'll still be wearing some of these pieces in 2084 with a space suit and sandals or something.........

Screenshot (26).png

For more ~futuristic~ ensembles featuring gym shorts paired with regular clothes, check out Harling Ross's article on  the blog Man Repeller.

For a great place to find cool vintage and classic wardrobe staples, visit Gladiola Girls Boutique (in Lexington or Lynchburg) or check out their website (!

Guest Blogger: Carter Edwards

The Power of Being Bold

Photo Jun 04, 6 08 37 AM.jpg

I believe in being bold; there is no other way around it. In life, there are so many times when we must limit or reserve ourselves that when it comes to style and clothing, I select pieces that let me express and celebrate myself. If it’s true that the right shoe can change your life, imagine the possibilities of an absolutely fabulous outfit head to toe.

Photo Jun 04, 6 37 08 AM.2.jpg

I find that some of my favorite clothes are a mix of prints, textures, colors, or styles. The Free People Honey Pie Tank is the perfect summer embroidered tank top. The ruched neckline and rich navy coloring accentuate the intricately embroidered flowers that frame the top. It can be dressed up or down with shorts, jeans, or a skirt. I had so much fun picking what to wear underneath and paired the top with Free People Indigo Skies patterned jean. The blue undertones in the jean picked up the tops coloring and created a unique summer look that was figure flattering, easy, and completely unique.

Photo Jun 04, 6 33 23 AM.0.jpg

Free People is one of my favorite clothing brands as they provide a delicate mix of bohemian styles and amazing quality that I never seem to tire of. Gladiola Girls is constantly up to date with the latest Free People styles and carries so many of my other favorite clothing brands. There is an unmatched magic to finding and styling the perfect outfit for any occasion. Gladiola girls has the best selection of essential elements for any wardrobe as well as supplying your need for adventure, fun, and the decision to be bold. Visit their locations in Boonsboro and Lexington to find the perfect pieces for your closet today.

Photo Jun 04, 6 35 04 AM.jpg