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Guest Blogger: Jennifer Prince


Recently I was invited by Venone PR and Off the Beaten Path Weddings to tour Sonoma County‘s wine country with a group of fabulous ladies. We were all connected to the wedding community in some way – bloggers, content creators, writers, magazine owners. It really was refreshing to be around so many people who all crave details and adore the wedding industry. I can’t wait to share more about that trip soon!

When I pack to go away, I love planning what I’m going to wear. For this trip, I received an itinerary with what we would be doing and also what to wear for each day. Perfect! But…when the instructions included terms like “wine country chic” I was left a little bit befuddled. I think a lot of the ladies felt the same way as the days got closer, but…wine country fashion is really easy! Think relaxed, fashionable, and comfortable, and you’ll be good to go. Take a peek at my choices for wine country fashion below.

wine country casual

Whether visiting a farm, learning how to make cheese, or having a cedar enzyme foot soak, this style of casual is breezy and comfortable for a variety of occasions. Pants, a skirt, or a casual dress can all be en vogue for the perfect wine country casual look.

look #1

When I got to California, we hit the ground running, so I packed this outfit in my carry on so that it was within easy reach once we landed. I chose something that was fairly wrinkle free and comfortable, and I added one of my favorite scarves (silk with tassels!). I also am really loving the trend of wearing a beautiful bralette, and this dress is perfect for showing off a bit of lace in the back.

Screenshot (25).png
Screenshot (26).png

look 1 photos by charity epperson

look #2

If the itinerary includes a cattle ranch and the great outdoors, wine country fashion is best done in a casual way! I chose to go sleeveless with a peek of color in my bralette paired with one of my favorite denim skirts – it’s both stretchy and comfy. It was a perfect look for navigating the uneven ground and dealing with a bit of dust here and there. I will also fess up and say that the photo in the ATV was just for fun – I didn’t actually get to ride it. But I did get to eat a fresh picked pepper from the garden – yum!

scarf tip – want to incorporate a scarf, but don’t know where? just pop one on your bag! it’s a great way to incorporate a splash of color into your daily look.

Screenshot (27).png
Screenshot (28).png

photos for look #2 and the rest of the post by krista lynch

look #3

I know the days are out of order, but this was my parting look! I would be traveling in this outfit on a 5+ hour flight, so I wanted something comfortable and stretchy. These jeans are one of my favorite pairs due to how comfy they are. I actually wore them on the flight out, too – yes, they are that fab. And the meadery was so lovely – it had the perfect light.

scarf tip – i love adding a scarf for color, and draping one around the neck loosely is perfect for a wine country casual look.

Screenshot (29).png

wine country chic

When considering wine country fashion, chic basically settles somewhere in between casual and formal. So, a not-so-dressy dress that is breathable and comfortable is a good piece to invest in when heading to wine country.

Our dinner the last night was one for the books, and it called for wine country chic. I loved the fit and flare of this dress. It’s such a quintessentially feminine piece! The chambray is so versatile, and I paired it with a scarf at the neck to give the neckline just a tad bit more coverage. It was perfect for an upscale evening eating outside with friends.

scarf tip – feeling a bit conscious about cleavage? add a scarf around the neck, and let it hang down a bit to cover your decollete.

Screenshot (32).png

wine country formal

I think the word “formal” got me, but in wine country, formal doesn’t include ballgowns (thankfully!). I opted for comfort and a dress that could be dressed up or down for different occasions. Our dinner was served in a wine cave – so amazing – and the elbow length sleeve kept me warm as the temperature got a bit cooler. In my last solo photo, be sure to notice the hummingbirds that stopped by to say hi. So lovely!

scarf tip – want a bit more pop than a necklace will offer? why not add a scarf tied at the neck? i adore the way the bow looks loosely tied to the side. so fun!

Screenshot (33).png
Screenshot (35).png

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