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The Glad Life(style): (n.)

A way of intentional living. A celebration of individual style, respect toward the world, and appreciation for quality & timeless character. Choose thoughtfully. Live divinely.

Guest Blogger: Elspeth Suber


The forest is full of textures.... And so is this fantastic top. The feathers are soft and delicate to the touch, while their bright colors give the top a vibrant punch. 


Even though it may be thirty degrees, we must remember that it's important to still go outside and experience winter. I like to go for brisk ten minute walks, admire the leaf-less scenery a little bit, listen to the wind whipping through the trees, and then sprint back into a nice warm room to defrost. 

I love how this outfit reminds me of of the outdoors because of the earthy tones and funky feathers. It comforts me on the chilly days when I'm spending most of my time inside, and no matter where I wear it I'm reminded of a peaceful forest. I think that's pretty awesome, don't you? 


Guest Blogger: Elspeth Suber

Guest Blogger: Olivia McLaughlin