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The Glad Life(style): (n.)

A way of intentional living. A celebration of individual style, respect toward the world, and appreciation for quality & timeless character. Choose thoughtfully. Live divinely.

Guest Blogger: Elspeth Suber

Sometimes, a piece speaks to you. When I saw this sheer top with the beautiful velvet floral details, I was transported to my favorite art history class. The dark black backdrop and the creamy flowers with the red accents reminded me of Dutch baroque floral art in the best possible way. This top is at home among other paintings.


It pairs well with white pearl earrings, to accentuate the creamy colored flowers. The gold layered necklace gives the outfit a necessary regal element. Basic black pants and flats add to the simple black backdrop of the outfit, making the flowers pop. 



I've always believed that fashion and art are intertwined. Fashion is art. This top, necklace, and earrings are a wonderful example of that.


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Guest Blogger: Elspeth Suber